exterior trim

Exterior Decorative Trim

We carry one of the largest selections of unique architectural exterior trim in North America. Products may be added during construction or during renovations to update and uniquely style any home, making it more attractive to yourself, your neighbours, and potential buyers. Formed from polyurethane, you don't have to worry about products growing mold, rotting or becoming infested like wood decor.

Polyurethane exterior trim products will not warp or crack like traditional wood tirm. It has the added benefit of being inorganic, which deters insects from nesting and mould from growing. Polyurethane outside mouldings will last decades longer than outdoor wood trim.

How Are They Installed?

Installation is simple because of the light weight of the product. Simply apply an adhesive (PL Premium) to the back of the product, press in place, and use a nail or srew to hold it in place for 24 hours until the adhesive sets. After 24 hours the nail can be removed, or left in place if embedded far enough to be covered with PL Premium and sanded smooth.

What Color Are They?

Polyurethane foam trim products are shipped directly to you from the the factory with a white primer, and are ready to paint in whatever color you wish. They must be painted for exterior use, even with a white paint if you would like it white.

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